Investment Banking Analyst (California, USA)
招聘中 |  San Jose, CA, USA

Job description:

1. Collate and analyse data on the healthcare market via both primary and secondary research
2. Forecast future healthcare market trends, changes and developments
3. Build research contacts and develop regional expertise
4. Engage in statistical crunching and report writing
5. Commission research project to field-based researchers
6. Answer internal and external queries regarding the assigned research track
7. Write up research ‘contents’ that would benefit local and global team
8. Provide proactive structured client engagement to assigned key accounts


1. Master’s degree or above in healthcare, finance, economics, or a relevant field

2. Fluent in both Mandarin and English

3. Multiple years of experience working within investment banking or a relevant field

4. Solid financial analysis skills, with the ability to produce accurate presentation material quickly

5. Adaptable, able to seamlessly transition between multiple topic areas

6. Driven and creative with exemplary integrity

7. Passion on healthcare industry and self-driven and initiative personality

8. Ability to work as a part of a team in environment that demand excellency, time and energy

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