• June 26 , 2020

    The Fed put new restrictions on US banks. Some want it to go further

    London (CNN Business) Regulators have made clear that the US banking system is in much better shape than it was during the 2008 financial crisis, and should have enough money on hand to keep lending to customers in support of the economic recovery.
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  • June 5 , 2020

    Atlas banks $400M in its latest 'breakthrough biotech' fund

    If there’s anything this pandemic has taught us, it's that biotech—and its investors—will not be stopped.
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  • May 18 , 2020

    Early results from Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial show participants developed antibodies against the virus

    Volunteers who received Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine had positive early results, according to the biotech company, which partnered with the National Institutes of Health to develop the vaccine.
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  • April 2 , 2020

    Inequality doesn't just make pandemics worse – it could cause them

    Whether these measures are justified by the threat Covid-19 poses to human life is impossible to say, but those who imposed them knew there would be a high price to pay.
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  • March 15 , 2020

    As Coronavirus Deepens Inequality, Inequality Worsens Its Spread

    As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, it appears to be setting off a devastating feedback loop with another of the gravest forces of our time: economic inequality.
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  • March 2 , 2020

    The rise of the CRO

    Dr Chris Doherty discusses the rise of clinical research organisations (CROs) from his vantage point as managing director at Alderley Park.
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  • March 1 , 2020

    The top 10 drugs losing U.S. exclusivity in 2020

    Each year, drugmakers face costly losses of exclusivity for big-selling old medicines, forcing them to continually develop and launch new drugs as they strive for growth. While some major brands like Lyrica and Herceptin lost exclusivity last year—with more expected for the coming years—2020 will feature the introduction of important new generics, as well.
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  • March 1 , 2020

    Chinese biotech bags $50M+ for I/O, autoimmune work, starting with ALK5 inhibitor

    For the last decade or so, many of the more eye-catching Chinese biotech startups share two defining attributes: seasoned execs trained at multinational biopharma companies and a mission to bridge the gap between Western medical breakthroughs and Chinese patients.
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  • February 25 , 2020

    Biotech company Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is ready for first tests

    US biotech firm Moderna has shipped an experimental coronavirus vaccine to US government researchers just six weeks after it started working on the immunization.
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  • February 18 , 2020

    The top 100 biopharma venture investors at the megabillions deal table

    The VC crowd took a step back last year, but nevertheless maintained a furious pace of new investments in therapeutic tech platforms and biotech startups. And the top 100 players completely dominated the megabillions game.
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  • February 3 , 2020

    Gilead Sciences testing antiviral drug to treat coronavirus

    There is no cure for the deadly Wuhan coronavirus, but several big biotech companies are hoping they can treat the symptoms with existing antiviral medications.
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  • January 16 , 2020

    Chinese Immuno-Oncology Firm I-Mab's IPO Lands on NASDAQ

    I-Mab is the first Chinese company in two years to try the US boards for an IPO.
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