• Investment Banking

    Merger & Acquisition

    M&A is our core business. We support our clients to achieve excellence by providing trusted strategic advice, capital raising and risk management expertise committed by our global perspective and deep understanding of China market in respect of the focused sectors. The service encompasses two areas: Sell-side advice and Merger transactions.


    Capital raising is essential for business expansion. We provide a variety of finance solutions especially developed to meet the challenges our clients face today. Our steady cooperation with investment institutions, finance leasing companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions, innovative approach and our stemless execution help our clients to raise capital at lower cost. 
         ●  Debt market:crowd funding, finance leasing, receivables, debt-equity swap
         ●  Equity market:direct equity investment, initial public offerings

    Cross-border IP Trading Advisory

    We focus on the biopharmaceutical industry and European and American biopharmaceutical companies, tracking the industry hotspots and quality projects. We have expertises in international business development, overseas joint venture operations, cross-border capital management, cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions. Cultural differences, familiarity with Chinese and international laws, and the ability to provide one-stop professional services in all aspects of licensing cooperation.
         ●  Cross-border IP license-in and license-out
         ●  Cross-border strategic investment
         ●  International business development
         ●  Advisory of global multi-location clinical trail center

    Tax Advisory

    Our tax team is comprised of top tax experts in China, experienced CPAs and former government officials. We provide our clients with effective tax planning services in a straight-forward and detailed manner. Moreover, we help major shareholders maximize their economic benefits with tax compliance and ensure wealth retention through capital operations.
         ●  Optimization of shareholder structure 
         ●  Tax structuring and planning in M&A transactions
         ●  Tax dispute resolution
         ●  Transfer pricing

  • Wealth Management

    We are committed to help our clients to achieve wealth goals by providing customized solutions. We invest and manage several funds and are able to establish new funds with outside international investment institutions and listed companies in response to our clients' demand. We provide fund operation and asset management services which include industry research and analysis, project recommendation, due diligence, SPV structure designation, deal negotiation and post investment management. Our funds mainly invest in:
        ●  M&A deals
        ●  Pre-IPO funding
        ●  Private investment in public equity
    The Biotech Licensing Business Experiences Rapid Growth

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