Statistical Analysis of Global CAR T Cell Therapy Deals between 2016 and May 2021
The highlight of the global deals of CAR T cell therapies during 2016 to May 2021 according to incomplete statistics are as follows:

Overview of global deals
1. From 2016 to May 2021, there were 41 CAR T cell therapy global deals. The number of deals and the number of products/technologies traded peaked in 2018, but declined between 2019 and May 2021.

Date source: NextPharma

2. The diseases traded focused on the three major indications including oncology, blood and rare diseases, and each year focused on the same areas.

Date source: NextPharma

3. There were many dealing opportunities for Pre-clinical products.

Date source: NextPharma

Traders’ analysis

1. The buy sides of deals were concentrated in listed companies in the United States and other countries. The sell sides of deals were more decentralized than the buy sides, but the sell sides were still mainly listed companies in the United States, university/research institutions and non-listed companies.

2. Among the listed companies, the sell sides were more small and medium-size listed companies while the buy sides were more large-sized listed companies.

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