Win China Market with Strategic Investment Partners
According to World Economic Outlook (April 2020) by IMF, GDP growth of advanced economies, emerging market and developing economies and world is estimated to be -6.1%, -1% and -3% respectively. Even if the major economies have begun to reopen after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the economists expect that the consumer demand will be below trend until a vaccine is widely available around the world. Investors are looking for approaches to respond to the macro backdrops and adapt to the new global investment climate.

IMF DataMapper for World Economic Outlook (April 2020)

(Data resource: IMF)

In the first eleven months of 2019, China’s actual utilized foreign direct investment was $ 124.39 billion, an increase of 2.6% year over year. The latest figure has not been released by China Ministry of Commerce yet. Though the statistics for the first five months of 2020 may drop due to the negative impact of the macro economic backdrops, China continues to be an attractive market for foreign enterprises given the strength of its GDP growth.

Though China’s authorities have made significant efforts to remove market and capital access limitation which keep foreign enterprises from participating in the China market, funding and operational issues are the common problems encountered by most foreign enterprises. The support from strategic investment partners will be invaluable.

With our professional expertise and vast global network, J Rich Capital can bring strategic Chinese investment partners to our clients and help them win the China market.
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